Health Hotel Sonnenberg

Sonnenberg 16, 9103 Schwellbrunn, Switzerland

100 % vegan hotel

Breakfast buffet with large vegan selection

Daily 4-course dinner

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Vegan Information

The following information about the vegan options comes directly from the hotel.

With the scent of herbs from the restaurant and the far-reaching view almost to Lake Constance, vacation feeling comes up. Guests can experience that enjoyment and a plant-based diet are by no means contradictory with the daily changing 4-course menus lovingly created by the kitchen team. For those who want to start a day full of energy, the kitchen surprises with an appetizing breakfast buffet and freshly squeezed juices from the fruit and vegetable basket. The rich lunch buffet is also a treat for the palate. In keeping with the Sonnenberg nutritional concept, all meals are not only vegan, but also free of gluten, sugar, corn and soy. Where else can you enjoy yourself so unhesitatingly – from breakfast to dinner.

The special feature of this institution is that it offers hotel, restaurant and treatments in one. Hardly any other place is healthier to enjoy. Detoxification, nutrition, digestion and sustainable strengthening of the immune system – here visitors benefit from the whole program. Biological medicine by Dr. Rau meets enjoyable, plant-based cuisine. A place for the holistic well-being. Not only vacationers will find the necessary relaxation here, but also visitors of the medical department will find a place to regenerate. In addition to the unique therapeutic concepts of Biological Medicine, they are also supported by nutritional experts.

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