Experience Vegan Venice - Restaurant Tips & Vegan Hotels

Venice, the picturesque city of canals, is renowned globally for its unique architecture, art, and culinary delights. Built on water, this city attracts millions of tourists annually who come to enjoy romantic gondola rides, historic landmarks, and authentic Italian cuisine. However, Venice offers more than just pizza and pasta. In recent years, it has become a hotspot for vegans, with an increasing number of restaurants offering delicious plant-based alternatives.

In this blog post, we focus on Venice’s diverse vegan landscape, introducing some of the city’s best vegan restaurants and how to stay vegan in this beautiful city. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a luxurious vegan hotel, this guide provides all the necessary information to experience Venice in a plant-based way.

Why Vegan in Venice?

Venice, known for its rich and diverse culinary landscape, offers a wealth of options for vegans wanting to experience Italian cuisine without compromising their values.

Italian cuisine is naturally vegan-friendly, featuring many dishes that can be easily adapted, such as cheeseless pizza and pasta with tomato sauce. Venice has seen a growing number of restaurants and cafés offering specifically vegan dishes and alternatives, ranging from entirely vegan restaurants to ice cream parlors with vegan options. The city’s openness to plant-based diets and the variety of vegan options available make Venice an appealing destination for vegans.

Vegan Hotels and Accommodations in Venice

The city offers a range of accommodations that specialize in vegan services and amenities to ensure every stay in the lagoon city is memorable. Discover vegan hotels in Venice.

Top Vegan Restaurants in Venice

A growing number of restaurants in Venice have recognized the increasing demand for vegan dining options and now offer innovative and tasty vegan choices. This section introduces some of the top vegan restaurants in Venice.

La Tecia Vegana

La Tecia Vegana, a vegan and organic restaurant in Venice established in 2017, offers a blend of ethnic dishes and local specialties, ensuring that from appetizers to desserts, the menu is entirely free of animal derivatives. Located in Santa Marta, it is popular among both locals and tourists, becoming an international hotspot for vegans visiting the city.


VgOloso is a plant-based restaurant in Venice offering a wide range of vegan dishes. It focuses on the appealing presentation of its dishes, often described as gourmet. The menu includes innovative options like the Red Burger made from quinoa, carrots, beetroot, and ginger, various pasta dishes, pizza with almond flour and cashew cream, and even a vegan “frittata” made from chickpeas. Many dishes are also available gluten-free, using organic ingredients. Located near the “Centro di Medicina” of Mestre, it’s a short 15-minute walk from the Marghera train station.

SuSo Gelatoteca

Suso Gelatoteca is a renowned gelateria in Venice, famous for its unique and delicious gelato creations. It combines tradition with innovation to produce a distinctively special gelato experience. Suso prioritizes high-quality ingredients and offers intriguing combinations. It also features options free from animal-derived ingredients, making it a great choice for vegans. Known for its variety of flavors and stylish design, Suso is described as Venice’s most popular and talked-about gelateria.

Tips for Vegans in Venice

For vegans, finding suitable dining options can sometimes be a challenge, especially when visiting traditional, non-vegan restaurants and hotels. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your trip to Venice as a vegan:

Questions and Communication

When you’re at a non-vegan restaurant, don’t hesitate to ask for vegan options. Many chefs are willing to modify dishes or prepare special vegan meals. Learn a few basic Italian phrases to inquire about ingredients and express your dietary preferences.

Vegan Grocery Stores and Markets

Venice has several vegan grocery stores and markets where you can find a variety of vegan products, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Visiting a local market is also a great opportunity to discover regional and seasonal produce while enjoying the local ambiance.