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On a journey with your four-legged friends
Many pet owners can only enjoy their vacation without worries if their four-legged friend is with them. Since they see their dog as part of the family, they are very reluctant to leave him in the hands of strangers or even to an animal shelter for the duration of the trip. Dog owners therefore greatly appreciate that their loyal friend is not only tolerated but also warmly welcomed in vegan, pet-friendly hotels.

While owners and women enjoy the tastefully furnished rooms and the large selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes, the four-legged friend’s stay often begins with a treat. Many hotels provide their animal guests with a basket and their own drinking and feeding bowls on loan. Some animal feed is also available.

In many places, the “wellness program” for dogs includes grooming and nail trimming. To ensure that their four-legged friend can get enough exercise at their holiday destination, dog owners should pay attention to extensive green spaces in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. There are often specially designated dog beaches by the sea. If your owner would like to visit a museum or take a stroll through the shopping mile while on vacation, it’s best to book a vegan, pet-friendly hotel with dog walking service or hourly pet sitting service.