Vegane Hotels in Deutschland

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Suggestions: Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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Vegan meals and overnight stays in hotels in Germany

Vegan hotels in Germany are as diverse as their guests: the offering ranges from promising accommodation in the Bavarian Alps to accommodation close to the beach on the Nordsee– or Mecklenburg Baltic Sea coast. In addition to trendy vegan hotels in big cities like Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, there are tranquil addresses in the countryside. Vegan travelers have the choice between modern hotels, historic walls with flair and idyllic organic farms. While many hosts specialize in the needs of vacationers, others offer a perfect service for business travelers.

If you want to stay cheaply, book a vegan hotel in Germany that focuses on the essentials. You live comfortably there, but you have to do without luxuries such as a sauna or leisure facilities. Other hotels offer their guests a varied overall package: there the list of possible activities ranges from Wellness– Treatments and massages, yoga sessions, herbal hikes and Ayurvedic cooking courses. People who live very consciously at home also like to choose a vegan hotel with electro-smog-free rooms and furnishings made exclusively from natural materials. Many hosts also pay attention to environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning products and provide cruelty-free care products in the bathroom.

The chefs in the vegetarian and vegan hotels in Germany show the culinary potential that lies in a diet that avoids animal products. They like to use regional and seasonal basic products and often prefer organic food. Many hotels and guesthouses also take special dietary habits into account – such as avoiding foods containing gluten – upon request. Some of the accommodations also offer vegan multi-course menus, which change every evening. This makes it possible to have a pleasant and completely vegan holiday with half board or full board.