Vegan Beach Hotels

How about a vegan breakfast with a view of the sea?
In a vegan beach hotel – whether on the German North Sea coast, in southern climes like Italy or Spain, or even far away from the European continent – guests enjoy pure freedom: Should the first jog in the surf zone be on the agenda before breakfast, or would you prefer a romantic walk on the beach into the sunset?

The vegan beach hotels offer a pure holiday feeling: guests are not separated from relaxing hours by the sea by nerve-wracking bus rides or the annoying search for a parking space. You can put on your swimwear in the comfort of your own room and just a few minutes later sit back and relax on a lounger or beach chair. Children love collecting shells or building imaginative spill castles.

Those who prefer to actively enjoy the view of the water like to spend their vacation by the sea with water sports such as swimming, surfing or stand-up paddling. Since the fresh sea air is known to whet your appetite, your physical well-being should not be neglected when you return to the beach hotel: a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes make a vacation by the sea an unforgettable culinary experience.