Vegan Hotels North Sea

Vegan vacation on the beautiful North Sea coast
A holiday on the North Sea has a liberating effect on body and mind. The fresh sea air makes the hustle and bustle of everyday life disappear in an instant and the stimulating maritime climate with the perfect mix of sun and aerosol and salty air stimulates your metabolism. The constant wind, which often blows as a stiff breeze, trains the immune system. If you want to support the positive effect of a stay by the sea with culinary delights, book a vegan hotel on the Nordsee.

The vegan and vegetarian delicacies that the chefs there conjure up with a lot of creativity on the plate strengthen you without putting a strain on the organism. Active vacationers feel completely comfortable when they go on a mudflat hike or an extended bike tour through the green hinterland of the Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein coast. Endless days on the beach can be enjoyed either relaxing with a good book in a colorful beach chair or action-packed with beach volleyball or kite flying. For even more variety, a boat trip to the seal beds or a leisurely walk in the harbor could be on the program.

When the weather is bad, there is nothing better than watching the forces of nature with Friesian cake and tea with Kluntje and “Wölkchen”. Regardless of the weather, every day of your vacation is a pleasure when the vegan hotel on the North Sea has a wellness area with an indoor pool or sauna.